PressTV-UK dismisses poisoning suspects’ interview

Authorities in Britain have rejected claims by two Russians suspected of poisoning a double spy in March in the English town of Salisbury, repeating their previous statements that the pair were Moscow’s agents and had carried out the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

A UK government spokesperson said Thursday that the two men’s interview with a Russian state TV in which they claimed they had been in Salisbury earlier this year only for tourism was simply not true.

“The government is clear these men are officers of the Russian military intelligence service – the GRU – who used a devastatingly toxic, illegal chemical weapon on the streets of our country,” said the spokesperson.

“Today … they have responded with obfuscation and lies.”

The remarks came after Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Borishov appeared on the RT news channel and said they had been wrongly accused by Britain and had been visiting Salisbury for…

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