PressTV-UK claims drones pose no more danger

Britain’s security minister Ben Wallace has claimed that the country should no longer be worried about the threat of drones days after disruptions at London’s Gatwick airport which exposed a massive security loophole in the country’s aviation system.

Wallace said in a tweet on Tuesday that security forces were now able to detect drones anywhere across the UK through equipment which he did not specify.

“I can say that we are able to now deploy detection systems throughout the UK to combat this (drone) threat,” read the tweet without elaborating on further details.

The announcement came just three days after a paralysis at Gatwick, Britain’s second busiest airport, where around 1,000 of flights were cancelled due to recurrent sighting of drones near or above the runway.

More than 120,000 passengers were affected by the grounding of the flights which began late on Wednesday and continued until late on Friday.

Police arrested a…

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