PressTV-UK austerity hit ‘deprived’ northern England most: Study

A new study shows that the traditionally poorer regions north of England are the most affected by years of austerity programs under the Conservative-led government ruling the United Kingdom.

Results of the study by The Center for Cities published on Monday showed that government spending cuts that have been in place since 2010 had left people in the “deprived” northern regions of England worst off.

The thinktank said areas such as Liverpool, Blackburn and Barnsley have suffered twice the level of cuts imposed on local councils than people in the affluent southern regions of England. It said the average national spending in the entire UK had halved over the past years but the northern regions have borne the brunt.

The study, covered in the Guardian newspaper, said people in cities in the North have been affected more than people in rural areas and countryside, adding that austerity has impacted services like street cleaning, road repairs…

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