PressTV-UK announces major investment in nuclear submarines

The UK has invested £400 million (US$509 million) in its Dreadnought nuclear submarine program, the Royal Navy’s controversial project to replace the current crop subs operating under the Trident nuclear deterrence program.

British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson made the announcement this week as he opened a new training academy and revealed what the second Dreadnought submarine was going to be called.

The funding boost would support the building phase of the program, Williamson said, while unveiling a £25 million BAE Systems academy in Barrow-in-Furness that will upskill the weapons maker’s employees to work on Royal Navy submarines over the next two decades.

The new investment was expected to safeguard over 8,000 jobs related to the £31 billion Dreadnought program and supply chain.

Williamson also revealed that the second Dreadnought nuclear-powered submarine was going to be named HMS Valiant. The first is named Dreadnought,…

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