PressTV-UK acid attack victim sues police over lack of action

A man attacked by acid two years ago in the UK is planning to take legal action against a police force which he believes failed to stop the attack despite having ample evidences and information against the female attacker.

Daniel Rotariu, who was attacked by his former partner in 2016 when he was sleep, said Monday that police in Leicestershire, in central England, where the attack happened, had enough information about the suspect that could have prevented the attack.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has also confirmed that police had been warned about the attacker, Katie Leong, and her motives to target Rotariu.

The IOPC said in a report that Leong, now serving a life sentence of 17 years, had reportedly revealed to her former partner Mark Cummings about her plans to attack Rotariu. The report said Cummings also alerted the police about the issue while daring to breach a court order that had banned him from getting in touch…

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