PressTV-Trump’s wall versus a runaway train

By Myles Hoenig

When you have an immovable object, such as a wall, and a moving object that won’t stop, a runaway train, what happens when they meet? It’s almost a chicken and the egg kind of paradox. In Washington we have the enormous ego of Donald Trump who doesn’t believe he has ever done anything wrong and blames everyone else for his problems.

Trump is stubborn and resolute that the wall will be built and the American taxpayers, pretending to be Mexicans, will pay for it. Nancy Pelosi, for eight years as leader of the minority in the House of Representatives, was unable to stop almost all Republican initiatives, unless it required war and military funding. Now she’s the conductor of this train steaming like a bat out of hell.  

Trump has no problem with the government shutdown. Millions of Americans are being affected by this and nearly a million are threatened with losing their homes, unable to pay medical bills (bad enough…

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