PressTV-‘Trump’s Venezuela policy based on oil profits’

US President Donald Trump is only concerned about oil resources and humanitarian issues in Venezuela do not matter to him, says a lecturer.

Speaking at the Florida International University in Miami on Monday, President Trump warned that members of Venezuela’s military would be risking their future and their lives by remaining loyal to President Nicolas Maduro.

Kenneth Fero, lecturer at the Coventry University, told Press TV on Wednesday that since Venezuela has 20 percent of global oil reserves, the resource is a determining factor that Trump is looking at when it comes to adopting his stance toward the Latin American country.

Fero called for paying attention to “the motivation for Trump and for the threats that is made against the [Venezuelan] military and of course the threats that have been made to destabilize the country.”

“I don’t believe that President Trump is as concerned with humanitarian values as he is trying to…

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