PressTV-‘Trump’s Space Force is adopted son of Star Wars’

US President Donald Trump’s Space Force is sort of the adopted son of Star Wars, says Ian Williams, a senior analyst with Foreign Policy in Focus.

Williams made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Thursday while commenting on a report which says Trump’s plan for the establishment of the Space Force will be submitted to Congress by the Pentagon in February next year, a project that would add a sixth branch to America’s massive military and fulfill Trump’s wish to seek US dominance in space.

“So the Space Force is sort of the adopted son of Star Wars. Remember under Ronald Reagan, a group of enthusiasts of space travel teamed up with the military because they thought the only way to get America interested in exploring space was by hiking the power of the military, and financial power of the military,” Williams said.

“At that time, if you remember the concept was called the high frontiers. A bunch of very reactionary…

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