PressTV-Trump’s space force gets the go-ahead

US President Donald Trump’s desired space force has been supported by lawmakers at the House of Representatives.

On Wednesday, the House Armed Services Committee voted down a proposal by Ohio Republican Representative Mike Turner during the panel’s markup of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Republican Representatives Mike Rogers and Jim Cooper were hoping for a space war fighting unit under the US Air Force, as well as a sub-unified command that would report to Strategic Command.

The feasibility of a space force, however, is not clear, Turner suggested, citing an upcoming assessment to be released by the Defense Department (DOD) in summer, by which time the lawmakers should wait.

“We’re in the process of awaiting the report we asked for, and yet we’re going to jump forward in this mark and direct DOD to undertake a reorganization while we’re asking them to study the reorganization,” Turner said.

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