PressTV-‘Trump’s proposed Space Force is waste of resources’

A former secretary of the US Air Force, Deborah James, has said that President Donald Trump’s proposal to create a separate Space Force is a waste of time and resources.

“I don’t think it will address any of the challenges we need to focus on – I think it’s the wrong way to go,” James told Hill.TV on Tuesday.

“The question is: Does a brand-new bureaucracy that needs to be stood up with perhaps thousands of new people, and billions of dollars to set up the infrastructure, is that the right way to address what really needs to happen? And I say no,” added James, who served under the Obama administration.

 She acknowledged the importance of developing new technology to help the military win wars in space, but said the US military should test and develop technologies rather than create a whole new division.

 “A new branch of the military would take focus and resources away from technology – not toward it,” she told…

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