PressTV-Trump’s bad temper almost cost him top security official

The chief of the United States’ Homeland Security Department was reportedly on the verge of resigning from her sensitive post shortly after she was berated by President Donald Trump at a full cabinet meeting.

Kirstjen Nielsen, a veteran security expert and currently serving as US secretary of homeland security, drafted a resignation letter after President Trump ranted against her in front of all other cabinet members in a meeting on Wednesday, The New York Times reported on Thursday, citing several former and current US officials.

Nielsen, who after the meeting told her colleagues she was about to resign, did not submit the resignation letter, however, according to the report.

Later, she said in a public statement that she intended to “continue to direct the department” and address Trump’s border security concerns, which were the reason for the rebuke in the Wednesday meeting.

It was not clear what changed her mind. A spokesman for…

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