PressTV-‘Trump’s actions will lead to dissolution of US empire’

US President Donald Trump’s repeated false and misleading claims made since entering office is an attempt to stay in power and counter the so-called deep state, though it may ultimately dissolve the US empire, says an American writer and academic.

On Wednesday, Trump false declared that he has signed more bills into law than any of his predecessors and praising his own performance as president.

Speaking at West Palm Beach, Florida, Trump also claimed credit for the stock market hitting record highs and touted his administration’s work to roll back government regulations and cut taxes.

“He’s doing this because the media, the mainstream media, the [US] State Department, the entire deep state establishment, is against Trump and so he is against them,” said E. Michael Jones, the current editor of Culture Wars, an online news magazine.

“The problem here is that you do things, you say things that are not true, or you act on impulse and…

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