PressTV-‘Trump will reverse troop withdrawal from Syria’

US President Donald Trump might retreat on his decision to pull American troops out of Syria, an American analyst says.

Trump said on Thursday that US troops cannot stat in Syria “forever” and he would pull them out of the Middle Eastern country.

James Petras, a political analyst in New York, told Press TV in an interview on Thursday that there this possibility that the troop withdrawal is not sustainable.

He said taking into consideration Trump’s history of going back on his moves when he meets opposition from the Pentagon and pressure from members of the Congress, especially Republicans, there is a possibility that he will contradict his earlier withdrawal announcement. 

Let’s wait and see if he contradicts himself,  Petras said, noting that it could happens within days, or even hours.

Petras said assuming that the troop withdrawal takes place, the main reason would be because of the US alliance with the Kurds on Syria’s…

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