PressTV-Trump wants drug dealers executed: Report

US President Donald Trump has told several associates of a desire to have drug dealers in the country executed, according to US media.

Trump has mentioned the subject on a number of occasions, mulling the idea of bringing in a mandatory death penalty for drug dealers, news website Axios reported on Sunday.

Trump considers drug traffickers to be as bad as serial killers and would “love to have a law” that executes dealers in the US, unnamed sources told Axios.

However, Trump has privately acknowledged that it would be near impossible to pass a law requiring a mandatory death sentence for drug dealers in the US, according to the report.

The report said the president believed a softer approach to addressing the US drug crisis would never work and seemed to admire the drug policy of Singapore, where drug trafficking carries a mandatory death sentence.

Trump “often jokes about killing drug dealers,” one senior administration official told Axios….

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