PressTV-‘Trump uses bluffs to gain political leverage’

US President Donald Trump is unconventional and asymmetrical in his foreign policy, exercising intimidation and bluffs to gain political leverage over opponents, says a political analyst in California.

Scott Bennett, a former US army psychological warfare officer, told Press TV in an interview on Tuesday that he agrees with James Clapper, America’s former top spy, who recently said North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “may have met his match” in US President Donald Trump’s unconventional style of diplomacy.

Bennet said both the administration in Washington and Pyongyang have similar unconventional foreign policy tactics, but he doubts that the North Korean leader will succumb to Trump’s tactics.

“He [Kim Jong-un] is not going to be intimidated by John Bolton or any of those characters that Trump is deploying.”

 Bennett said he speculates that after the current “bluff session” between the two leaders, the two sides will…

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