PressTV-Trump to impose tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods

US President Donald Trump has decided to impose tariffs on some $200 billion in Chinese goods, a decision that sources within his administration say he will make public in the coming days.

The new tariffs, part of the Trump administration’s growing trade war with China, will be applied to more than 1,000 imported Chinese products, the Washington Post reported Sunday, citing two people briefed on the decision.

The tariffs could reach 25 percent for some products although Trump has ordered his team to start with a 10-percent increase.

If true, Trump’s import penalties would go on to include over half of America’s roughly $500-billion imports from China.

Washington recently imposed tariffs on $50 billion worth of imports from China, mostly equipment and material used by manufacturers.

Trump said earlier this month that he was ready to put tariffs on virtually all Chinese imports if Beijing did not back down and took steps to reduce its…

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