PressTV-Trump to address embassy opening in Quds by video

President Donald Trump will address the opening ceremony of US embassy in the occupied city of Jerusalem al-Quds by video on Monday, according to a senior official.

Trump will talk to around 800 US and Israeli dignitaries, however, it was not clear whether he would speak via a live videolink or a pre-recorded address.

In December 2017, Trump officially declared the holy city as Israel’s capital, triggering widespread Palestinian and global condemnation.

US staff at the mission in Tel Aviv had just marked its last day as an embassy, the official said, noting that that the ambassador’s team would start work on Monday at the new embassy.

“I think we’re all very happy and excited to be participating in such an historic event. People have been working, really around the clock and getting ready for our opening dedication ceremony on Monday. We’ll be ready,” AFP quoted the official as saying.

“We’re expecting around 800 people,” he said, adding…

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