PressTV-Trump signs PA aid cut into law, angers Palestinians

US President Donald Trump has signed into law legislation that halts some aid to the Palestinian Authority until it stops paying Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and the families of those killed by Israeli forces.

Trump cut the Palestinian aid as he approved the massive $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill on Friday.

The law includes three exceptions, allowing for US aid to Palestinian water and childhood vaccination programs, as well as to East Jerusalem al-Quds hospitals.

PA, Hamas hit back

The Palestinian Authority has denounced the law, vowing to continue payments to families of Palestinians “martyrs and prisoners.”

Yusef al-Mahmoud, spokesperson for the Ramallah-based PA government, said that the “martyrs and prisoners are, in the eyes of our people, sacred symbols of freedom and struggle and opposition to humiliation and surrender.”

He noted that Washington should instead have called for “ending the occupation and…

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