PressTV-‘Trump seeks to take advantage of riots in Iran’

US President Donald Trump is the greatest enemy of Muslims and the Iranian people and is determined to destroy the Islamic Republic’s economy, despite his support for the recent protests in Iran, an American scholar says.

“It’s hard for me to imagine how anybody in Iran could think that Trump would be their friend; this is a man who was elected president on a wave of Islamophobia that he stoked so badly,” said Kevin Barrett, an author and political commentator in Madison, Wisconsin.

“This guy is really public enemy No. 1 for everyone who’s Muslim,” Barrett told Press TV on Monday.

“He’s [Trump] taking the side of these Iran protests, so that would lead one to believe that these protests may include an element of people who are trying to destabilize Iran,” he added.

Iranian officials say Trump’s support for rioters in Iran shows Washington’s scheme to hatch a new act of sedition against the Islamic Republic.


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