PressTV-Trump seeks new nuclear arms to ‘deter’ Russia

US President Donald Trump’s administration intends to develop new nuclear firepower that it says will make it easier to deter Russian threats to its European allies, further claiming that it aims to make nuclear conflict less likely.

The proposal, not yet signed by Trump, is explained in a policy document – officially known as a “nuclear posture review” – that places the US “in a generally more aggressive nuclear stance,” AP reported in a Saturday dispatch.

According to the report, the Trump nuclear doctrine is expected to be released in early February, followed by a related policy on the role and development of US defenses against ballistic missiles.

It will be “the first review of its kind since 2010 and is among several studies of security strategy undertaken since Trump took office,” the report adds.

In many ways it reaffirms the nuclear policy of previous president Barack Obama, including his pledge to replace all…

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