PressTV-Trump renews calls for end to Russia probe

US President Donald Trump has renewed his call to end a federal investigation into alleged Russian collusion with his 2016 presidential election campaign, describing the probe as a “witch hunt.”

Trump made the latest plea on Saturday, a day after federal prosecutors detailed a previously unknown attempt by a Russian to help his election campaign.

“Time for the Witch Hunt to END!” Trump said in a message on Twitter. “We’re very happy with what we are reading, because there was no collusion whatsoever.”

Trump’s tweet also quoted his friend and television host Geraldo Rivera, who dismissed any claim of collaboration between the Trump campaign and Russia as “collusion illusion.”

It was the president’s second tweet of the day about the investigation by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russian interference in the last presidential election.

Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion and has long called for end to the…

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