PressTV-Trump refuses to apologize for anti-Muslim remarks

US President Donald Trump has refused to apologize for a campaign pledge to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, insisting “there’s nothing to apologize for.”

“There’s no reason to apologize,” Trump said during a joint press conference with president of Nigeria when asked if he would apologize for his proposal for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims.”

“We have to have strong immigration laws to protect our country,” he continued.

Trump’s refusal to apologize for or withdraw his calls for banning all Muslims from entering the US has been cited in courts challenging the legality of his controversial travel ban.

The latest edition of Trump’s travel ban is now before the US Supreme Court, which last week heard oral arguments in the case. Several justices pressed the government on Trump’s anti-Muslim comments and his campaign pledge to ban Muslims.

The lead challenger is the state of Hawaii, which argues the ban…

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