PressTV-‘Trump ready to fire national security advisor’

US President Donald Trump has reportedly decided to fire National Security Adviser Herbert Raymond McMaster and is actively involved in consultations for his potential replacements.

The Washington Post reported the news on Thursday, citing five people with knowledge of the plan.

Trump, however, prefers to execute the move in a lengthy process, because he wants to ensure both that the three-star army general is not humiliated and that he can find a strong successor for him, the informed sources said.

According to two informed individuals, Trump recently told White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly that he wants McMaster out and asked for help in finding a replacement for him.

Trump has reportedly complained that McMaster is too rigid and described his reports as too lengthy and irrelevant.

Several candidates are in line of replacement, including former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton and Chief of Staff of the National Security Council…

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