PressTV-Trump ‘most pro-Zionist’ president in US history

US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of Israel despite constant warnings from world leaders proves that he is the “most pro-Zionist” American president to have ever been elected, an analyst in Virginia says.

Preston, director of made the remarks on Wednesday, shortly after Trump announced that the US would move its diplomatic mission in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem al-Quds.

“This is not surprising that Trump would make this announcement,” Preston said. “One thing that needs to be recognized about the Trump administration’s foreign policy is that the Trump administration is zealously pro-Israel.”

“The Trump administration is ardently pro-Zionist, even more pro-Zionist than many past administrations have been, arguably the most pro-Zionist administration in US history,” he argued.

The analyst noted that both the US and Israel were fixated with creating…

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