PressTV-Trump meeting with Putin draws rebuke from Republicans

US President Donald Trump’s news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday has stunned Republican Party lawmakers in Congress, who are warning Trump not to treat Putin as an ally.

Despite calls from both sides of the isle to be as tough as possible to Putin during the meeting in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, Trump took a soft line and tried his best to avoid upsetting the Russian leader.

Trump even refused to raise the issue of Russia’s alleged election hacking activities and when pressed, said the both sides were to blame for the current state of ties between Washington and Moscow and the US had been “very stupid” in the past.

The remarks did not go down well with Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, who said Trump’s joint press conference with Putin after their meeting was “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory.”

The 81-year-old ailing senator, who…

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