PressTV-Trump expects little gain in upcoming US-China trade talks

US President Donald Trump has emphasized his low expectation of potential progress in trade talks between senior US and Chinese officials in Washington this week, predicting “no time frame” for ending a trade dispute with Beijing.

“I’m like them (the Chinese); I have a long horizon,” Trump said Monday in an exclusive interview with Reuters.

Trump has initiated what is effectively a trade war with China by imposing unusually heavy tariffs on imports from the Asian country. Beijing has introduced countermeasures. The trade war between the world’s two largest economies now risks escalating as neither seems ready to compromise.

‘China has done too well for too long’

The American president said Chinese negotiators would be arriving in the US capital shortly, adding however that he did not “anticipate much” from the mid-level talks.

Trump said ending the trade dispute with China would “take time because China’s done too…

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