PressTV-‘Trump climate tweet intended to distract masses’

Guy McPherson of Freeing Humanity and Earth says US President Donald Trump’s recent tweet that the country could use some “global warming” due to record cold temperatures is a clear indication that he lacks knowledge about climate change and how it occurs or he is trying to “distract the masses” from important events of the day.

In a Friday interview with Press TV, McPherson said the record cold temperatures seen these days on the eastern seaboard are not surprising.

“Global warming at a planetary level causes some places, at least in the short term, to be cold, even colder than expected. What we see is the manifestation of the polar vortex… which is causing arctic air to be pushed down along the eastern seaboard of the United Sates,” he said.      

McPherson said he does not believe Trump is as ignorant as his tweets might suggest but that Trump and those “pulling the strings of empire” want to “distract the masses”…

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