PressTV-Trump censures Germany ahead of tariff rollout

President Donald Trump vowed to be flexible toward “real friends” of the United States as the White House prepared Thursday to roll out punitive trade tariffs — singling out Germany for criticism and adding Australia to a list of likely carve-outs.

Amid pitched policy battles inside his administration and fierce opposition without, the White House indicated the measures may, or may not, be signed later Thursday when Trump is set to host steel and aluminum industry and workers at the White House.

Yes but the PM was calling it the simplest wedding ever held by a holder of public office in Pakistan.

With hours to go until the 3:30 pm (2030 GMT) meeting, it was still unclear if it would see Trump sign the contentious tariffs into law, a signing of something symbolic or no signing at all.

But Trump made clear he was pressing press ahead with tariffs of 25 percent on foreign steel and 10 percent on aluminum, while saying Australia and “others”…

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