PressTV-Trump approval rating plunges amid gun debate

US President Donald Trump’s approval ratings have once again fallen back to their lowest numbers as he struggles to contain public outrage over the country’s lax gun laws.

Around 35 percent of voters asked by CNN said Sunday that they approved of the job Trump was doing. That is five percent less than January, when strong economic outlooks bumped up Trump’s numbers.

The new rating, however, matches his approval ratings in December, his lowest in CNN polling since being inaugurated in January 2017. 

Trump is still popular among Republican voters with 80 percent approval. That is one percent less than his lowest. Among Democrats, the number stood at only five percent while 35 percent of Independents said they approved of him.

Trump, who is pro-gun rights, have come under pressure to mend the country’s gun control laws following last week’s mass shooting that killed 17 people at a Florida high school.

Opponents of stricter gun…

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