PressTV-‘Trump administration does not respect rule of law’

The administration of US President Donald Trump has proven that it does not respect the rule of law by rejecting an international court ruling against American sanctions on Iran,  withdrawing from another international treaty with Iran, says an American scholar and political analyst.

The International Criminal Court (ICJ) ordered the United States on Wednesday to lift sanctions on medicine, food and civilian airplane spare parts for Iran.

The Hague-based court, which is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, announced its ruling regarding the July lawsuit brought by Tehran against Washington’s decision to re-impose unilateral sanctions following the US exit from the 2015 nuclear deal.

“The United States is stating clearly that it does not believe in the rule of law,” said E. Michael Jones, a writer, former professor, media commentator and the current editor of the Culture Wars magazine.

“This is the direction that the…

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