PressTV-Trump accuser says he should be afraid of truth

A woman, who has previously accused President Donald Trump of sexual harassment, says the president should be afraid of the truth.

On Monday, Rachel Crooks told The Washington Post that Trump had kissed her forcibly in Trump Tower in 2006, an accusation Trump rejected.

“I would think as our president he would have more important things to do than tweet at me and try to discredit my story. I know what’s true. He knows what’s true, and I think he should be afraid of that,” Crooks said on CNN on Tuesday.

“When the truth is on your side it doesn’t feel as bad. And I feel like I have a license to say what I feel about him given what he did to me,” she said.

Following her interview with the Post, Trump dismissed Crooks as “a woman” he does not know and has never met. 

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