PressTV-Top Republicans to probe Mattis resignation, troop withdrawal

Senior members of the US Republican Party have expressed concern about President Donald Trump’s troop withdrawal announcement, vowing to investigate the resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis.

Mattis announced he would quit the Trump administration on Thursday reportedly out of frustration at the president’s decision to withdraw US troops from Syria.

In his resignation letter to Trump, Mattis, 68, a former Marine Corps’ general wrote that the president of the United States deserved a defense secretary whose views were “better aligned” with the views of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces.

South Carolina’s Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who said the resignation had saddened him, vowed to hold a hearing with Mattis in attendance to investigate the troop withdrawal .

“I’m going to ask for hearings like right now about Syria,” he said, before heading into a meeting with Republicans.

Senate Armed Services…

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