PressTV-‘Things reach a boiling point with Trump White House’

Former CIA Director John Brennan has said that “things are reaching a boiling point” with the Trump White House.

“What happens in the days, weeks and months ahead is going to determine just how much damage will be done to this country,” said Brennan, appearing on NBC’s “The Today Show,” on Thursday.

Brennan said he sees “all the warning signs of looming disaster” within President Donald Trump’s administration.

He made the remarks while responding to a question about an anonymous “senior official” in the White House who in an op-ed in The New York Times on Wednesday described efforts among White House staff to thwart parts of Trump’s agenda.

Brennan called the official’s op-ed “courageous.”

“It’s risky. It is so unusual as to raise questions — it’s so abnormal, these times, that people are doing abnormal things,” he said. “People have criticized me for speaking out as a former director. But I see all the…

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