PressTV-Theresa May set to present Brexit plan B

British Prime Minister Theresa May will try to break the Brexit deadlock by laying out her plan B which includes gaining concessions from the European Union (EU).

On Monday afternoon, May will present her proposals in the House of Commons on how she is going to renegotiate with the EU over the Irish backstop.

It is understood that she will reject calls to forge a cross-party consensus on Brexit.

The prime minister held a conference call with the members of her cabinet on Sunday evening. Some cabinet sources said that the 90-minute call mainly involved attempts to make amendments to the Irish backstop.

The Guardian reported that “no actual solutions” were proposed in her specificity-lacking call.

Trade minister Liam Fox has suggested that in view of a few changes to the Irish backstop, May’s plan could win over the lawmakers. The Irish backstop policy is supposed to ensure not returning to a hard border between Northern Ireland and…

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