PressTV-‘Supporting Saudi regime part of UK imperialist agenda’

The United Kingdom has in one way or the other supported the actions and policies of the regime in Saudi Arabia only to advance an imperialist agenda, a British political analyst and academic in London has said. 

“It is a shocking thing that the government of the UK which is supposedly democratic supports, arms (and) in every way approves of the actions of perhaps the most autocratic and vicious regime in the world, that is Saudi Arabia,” Rodney Shakespeare told Press TV on Wednesday.

The analyst described those dominating the regime in Riyadh as “a bunch of scumbags” who support terrorism and Takfirism in other places.

“That particular regime is not only the source of Wahhabism, which is the spiritual and philosophical source of head-choppers and the throat-slitters, it is also the financial source of the head-choppers and throat-slitters,” he said, adding that the UK insisted on supporting the Saudis while they are engaged…

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