PressTV-‘Some countries do not belong to G7’

Groups like the G7, G20 and the like are overtaken by every day events, so while China which on some accounts is the largest economy in the world is not a member of the G7 industrialized nations, a country like Italy that does not belong there is a member, says an American investigative journalist.

Wayne Madsen, author and investigative journalist told Press TV on Saturday that groups like the G7 should include other countries like China and Russia to better represent their labels.  

“I think Russia would choose to be a member of this group of industrialized countries known as the G8,” he said. 

Madsen argued Italy does not belong to the G7 and that China definitely belongs among the group of industrialized nations. He said China’s presence would much better represent the world economy than countries like Britain, France, Canada, Germany and especially Italy.  

Russia should return to G7

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