PressTV-‘Sex abuse in Church perpetrated by homosexual priests’

Sexual abuse by Catholic priests in the US and other countries has largely been perpetrated by homosexual Christian clergy and has been going on for centuries, a Protestant preacher and former US Senate candidate says.

“These particular tragedies, these particular scandals are largely being fomented upon the church by homosexual clergy, but not exclusively,” said Mark Dankof, who is also a broadcaster and Lutheran Protestant pastor in San Antonio, Texas.

“There has been obviously a massive, massive cover-up of this tragic situation, which has gone on not simply for several decades, but has gone on for centuries,” Dankof told Press TV on Saturday.

Pope Francis on Saturday accepted the resignation of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, one of the US Catholic Church’s most prominent figures, who has been at the center of a widening sexual abuse scandal.

McCarrick, 88, the former archbishop of Washington, DC, is the first cardinal in living…

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