PressTV-Several lawmakers boycotting Trump’s State of Union

Several Democratic members of Congress are planning to boycott President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address this week, citing his hateful rhetoric.

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson has joined a chorus of Democrats on the Capitol Hill who have said they would boycott Trump’s address before the united session of Congress. 

“To go, would be to honor the president and I don’t think he deserves to be honored at this time after being so hateful towards black people and then black countries, Haiti and the whole continent of Africa,” Rep. Wilson, a Democrat from Florida, told CNN on Monday.

“It hurts, and he has brought the White House to the lowest and I don’t think he needs to be honored with my presence.”

Wilson was referring to Trump’s recent racist remarks about Haiti and African nations.

At a closed-door meeting intended to discuss a way forward on an immigration deal in the Oval Office earlier this month, Trump reportedly asked…

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