PressTV-Second Kim meeting: Trump’s perfect political distraction

By Dennis Etler*

A second summit between Chairman Kim Jong-un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK aka North Korea) and President Donald Trump of the US is expected to be announced soon. Given the Trump initiated crises in the US surrounding the “trade war” with China, now held in abeyance, and the ongoing government shutdown, the US president is in desperate need of a foreign policy distraction. Another feel good summit with Kim Jong-un would be a welcome respite from the domestic turmoil that Trump is faced with.

Trump’s foreign policy however has faced blow back from deeply entrenched forces within the US military-industrial-congressional complex. His attempts to withdraw US troops from both Syria and Afghanistan have been met with resistance by the foreign policy establishment and have been largely scuttled.

Trump, faced with a recalcitrant opposition at home, has praised China as more amenable to dialogue than his…

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