PressTV-Second Brexit vote has even chance: Ex-UK PM

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has indicated that there is a 50-50 chance for a second referendum on the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, saying incumbent Prime Minister Theresa May is highly unlikely to succeed to go through the Parliament with a Brexit deal she could bring from Brussels.

“I think the odds are now 50 percent that you will get another (referendum) vote,” said Blair on Thursday, adding, “Whatever Brexit is on offer today is going to result in significant economic harm.”

Blair’s opposition Labour Party has said it will almost reject any deal on Brexit negotiated by May. Senior figures in May’s own Conservative Party have also cast doubt over the feasibility of her Brexit strategy, saying they will try to prevent Britain from becoming a colony of the EU after Brexit.

The uncertainty over a divorce deal has caused many opponents of Brexit to call for a second referendum to reverse a…

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