PressTV-‘Saudi hopes nuclear bid leads to collapse of Iran deal’

Saudi Arabia’s bid to expand its nuclear program with the help of the United States is aimed at undermining the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers, says an analyst.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, an author based in Wisconsin,made the remarks while discussing the planned resumption of US-Saudi talks on a lucrative deal for the construction of nuclear reactors in the kingdom.

The talks were frozen under the former US administration after the Saudis refused to accept Washington’s non-proliferation “gold standard” for civil nuclear cooperation deals.

The standard prohibits the recipient of the technology from enriching uranium and reprocessing plutonium, which could be used to produce fuel for nuclear weapons.

Under President Donald Trump, however, the two sides have resumed discussing nuclear cooperation, despite Riyadh’s continued insistence on bypassing that standard.

Barrett said Riyadh was intentionally asking the US for…

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