PressTV-Russian TV lists targets in potential nuclear war with US

Russian state television has named a number of sites in the United States that could become potential targets of Russia’s hypersonic missiles in the event of a nuclear confrontation with America.

Dmitry Kiselyov, the host of Russia’s main weekly TV news show, on Sunday broadcast a map of the US and specified several targets that he said Moscow could strike in the event of a nuclear war.

Among the targets that he named were the Pentagon and Camp David, which he said Russia could hit in “less than five minutes.”

He also named Fort Ritchie, a Maryland military training center that was reportedly closed in 1998, and McClellan, a US Air Force base in California that has not been in use since 2001, according to reports.

The broadcast came amid rising tensions between Moscow and Washington over US President Donald Trump’s plans to pull out of a landmark Cold War-era nuclear arms control treaty with Russia.

US Secretary of State Mike…

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