PressTV-Russian bots re-tweeted Trump 470,000 times

Twitter bots allegedly linked to Russia shared Donald Trump’s tweets almost half a million times during the final months of the 2016 US presidential election, the Twitter social networking service said in a report to Congress.

The bot software re-tweeted the Twitter posts of then Republican candidate almost 470,000 times, accounting for more than 4 percent of the re-tweets he received from September 1 to November 15, the company said in documents posted Friday by the US Senate Judiciary.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s account got less than 50,000 re-tweets by the Russian-linked automated accounts during the same period of time, Bloomberg News reported, citing the documents.

The documents are Twitter’s response to follow-up questions from the Senate committee following an October 31 hearing on the issue of alleged Russian hacking of social media platforms.

Congress has been investigating how social…

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