PressTV-Russia urges US, two Koreas to avoid further escalation

Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Vassily Nebenzia has called on the United States and South and North Koreas to avoid any measure that can further escalate tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

“We strongly call on all concerned parties to stop this spiral of tension. It is essential to take a step back and weigh the consequences of each move,” Nebenzia said at an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Wednesday, hours after Pyongyang test-launched its “most powerful” ballistic missile following a two-month lull in missile tests.

The Hwasong-15 missile flew higher than any other missiles launched by the North ever, according to North Korean state media, which also said the missile ended up landing in Japanese waters after travelling 960 kilometers and reaching the height of 4,500 kilometers.

North Korea said following the test that it had now completed its full nuclear force.

The missile test…

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