PressTV-Russia says US nuke policy ‘playing with devil’

Russia has warned that the United States will be “playing with the devil” by implementing President Donald Trump’s new nuclear weapons strategy, which identifies Russia and China as main threats and calls for producing small nuclear warheads for “limited” operations.

“Voices have been getting louder in the United States that seek to increase the role of nuclear weapons and expand the possibilities of the US nuclear arsenal,” Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters on Thursday.

Zakharova added that Washington was justifying the desire to expand its nuclear arsenal by resorting to the “mythical Russian threat.”

Earlier this year, Trump unveiled a new nuclear strategy that revolved around countering Russia and called for the development of small tactical nuclear weapons that were cheaper to maintain and could be used in more realistic scenarios.

The Trump administration has also accelerated long-running US…

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