PressTV-‘Rohingya plight worse than what CNN, BBC portray’

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says the plight of Rohingya Muslim refugees from Myanmar is much worse than what the media portrays.

“This is a tragedy that’s worse than anything that CNN or BBC has been able to portray about what has happened to these people,” Mattis said on Tueday, speaking to reporters during a trip to Indonesia.

According to the UN, nearly 655,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled the state of Rakhine for Bangladesh since violence intensified last August, when Myanmar’s troops started committing killings and rapes, making arbitrary arrests, and carrying out mass arson attacks to destroy houses in Rakhine.

“And the United States has been engaged vigorously in the diplomatic realm trying to resolve this, engaged with humanitarian aid, a lot of money going into humanitarian aid,” he added.

The US had previously accused Myanmar of the “ethnic cleansing” of minority Rohingya Muslims, saying the violent bloodshed in Rakhine…

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