PressTV-Republicans warn Trump of 2018 ‘bloodbath’

Republican Party lawmakers and political advisers to Donald Trump fear a backlash at next year’s mid-term congressional elections if the Republican US president fails to keep his campaign promises and improve his standing among working-class voters.

Trump’s advisers have been directly warning him of possible bloodbath in the 2018 midterms, which could obliterate the Republican congressional majorities and paralyze the president’s legislative agenda, Politico reported.

“In some corners of the Republican world, there is anxiety about the White House political operation and its readiness for next year’s races,” the news outlet reported.

Trump is well aware of the dangers his party faces in 2018, those who have discussed it with him say. During political briefing sessions, top aides have highlighted concerning developments, such as his declining numbers among well-educated voters and higher earners.

“In a year like this, you better…

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