PressTV-Probe sheds light on US mission failure in Niger

A Pentagon investigation of a botched US operation in Niger in 2017 has concluded, finding mistakes on all military levels in the secret mission that resulted in the death of four American Special Forces.

The US Defense Department investigation, whose findings were partially released on Thursday, however assigned blame mostly to the junior Special Forces — or the Green Berets — involved in executing the operation.

According to the unclassified summary of the probe and a later media briefing by the Pentagon, the Green Beret unit, known as Operational Detachment-Alpha Team 3212, left their base in Niger’s Ouallam ill-equipped and unprepared for a “mission” near the town of Tiloa on October 4, 2017.

The mission was reportedly to kill or capture a figure affiliated with the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group. A group of 30 Nigerien forces accompanied the 11 Green Berets, who were traveling in an unarmored SUV.

But the mission failed…

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