PressTV-Pompeo calls for ‘diplomatic’ approach over Iran

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has called for a common diplomatic approach with Europe to deal with what he describes as threats posed by Iran.

The US top diplomat, speaking to reporters at the State Department on Tuesday, said he was “confident” that Washington and Europe’s shared interests would result in a common diplomatic approach to address what he called “Iran’s threats.”

“I am confident that we can collectively develop a diplomatic response that achieves the simple outcomes that we put forward,” Pompeo said.

“I am confident that there is a shared set of overlapping values and interests here that will drive us to the same conclusion about the need to respond to the Islamic Republic Iran’s threats,” he added.

Pompeo also responded to critics who had denounced his 12-point list of conditions for the Islamic Republic as “unrealistic,” saying that the demands were not a “fantasy.”

Pompeo said a day earlier that…

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