PressTV-Poland wants $2bn US military base to deter Russia

The US State Department has confirmed reports about Poland’s offer of up to $2 billion for a permanent US military base within its borders, which Warsaw says will act as a deterrent against Russia.

The confirmation came on Monday after the proposal by Poland’s defense ministry was made public.

“This proposal outlines the clear and present need for a permanent US armored division deployed in Poland, Poland’s commitment to provide significant support that may reach $1.5-2 billion by establishing joint military installations and provide for more flexible movement of US forces,” read the document, obtained by Polish news site Onet.

“Permanent US troops in Poland will send a clear message to Russia of US support for its Eastern European allies,” the Polish Defense Ministry said in the proposal.

The document even offers locations for a number of military bases, hospitals — including their capacities — and possible schools or…

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